Want to feel like your old self again?

Do you find yourself googling all day long about hot flushes, brain fog, sleep problems or vaginal dryness? 



Instead of relying on Dr Google, I'm here to help


Stop Googling, hang out with me instead just like Lindsey did!


You're constantly going round in circles, searching the internet for answers and you're exhausted. Am I right?

I get it.

Many women I work with said they felt exhausted trying to get to the bottom of their peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms. So trust me, you’re not the only one.

If you're also struggling with your hormones, you’re likely dying for a simple, comprehensive solution that allows you to take control of your health. Well look no further...


 Flourish And Thrive 

 Introducing the Flourish and Thrive membership (which was the old Easy Menopause), get weekly personalised support for your hormone health in a community with other women who get it!
You no longer have to feel like you are going through this alone.


 RRP £127 (4 months)



Imagine If You Could

 Lose stubborn weight from around your middle

✔ Have much more energy so you can function in your daily life

✔ Fall asleep faster, sleep right through the night and wake up feeling refreshed

✔ Gain body confidence so you can feel amazing

✔ Take control of your stress and feel calm and in control, no matter what life throws at you

✔ Beat your peri-menopause and menopause symptoms and feel like your old self again

✔ Feel sexier and reconnect with your sensuality and your partner

✔ Eliminate overwhelm by beginning to understand the changes your body is facing

✔ Look and feel amazing 

✔ Feel authentically free and excited about your own potential, no matter what stage of life you’re at

✔ Start living the life you’ve always dreamed of


These things ARE possible, and the Flourish and Thrive membership is the first step.

What You Can Expect

This Flourish and Thrive membership will lead you on a journey of self-discovery where you'll learn the mysteries of your beautiful body, get to the root of your health issues, build your self-esteem and confidence and help you feel like YOU again.

We’ll be covering a wide range of topics that will help you get the health you need:

◆ Lose belly fat by switching on those fat-burning hormones 

◆ Rebalance your oestrogen and progesterone levels using food 

◆  How to increase your energy levels throughout the day and feel like your old self again 
◆  Lift your brain fog, and think clearly again  

◆ Manage your hot sweats by paying attention to your liver

◆ Discover how supporting your gut health restores hormone balance

◆ Stop feeling overwhelmed by stress and easily manage it on a daily basis

◆ Use nutrition to calm your mind and reduce anxiety 

◆ When what and how to take supplements that support your hormones 

◆ Eat and move well for bone health

◆ An introduction to avoiding those embarrassing leaks

◆ Have the best night sleep and wake up feeling refreshed

◆ Slow down the ageing process and grow older gracefully

◆ Practice self-love in an ongoing way

◆ And more! 


RRP (£127 4 months)



What others are saying

"My experience of belonging to the community and working with Pamela is one of sisterhood definitely. I have made friends with same-minded women all over the world who have different needs due to going through our change in life." 

— Pauline Charltworth  

"Before I joined Flourish and Thrive my hormones were all over the place. I had struggled with them long before becoming peri menopausal and it seemed like they were getting worse. Pamela had been recommended to me and after a 30 minute consultation with her I felt heard, she was very caring, compassionate and non-judgmental.  The coaching calls are a great way to bring up absolutely anything and because they are recorded you can go back and listen again. The members page has a plethora of videos on just about everything relating to hormones, gut health, diet and exercise and so much more.  In the space of 4-6 weeks I am eating a good quality and varied diet, I do 30 minutes of daily exercise, I’m being a lot more kind to myself and accepting of where I am in my life. I know it’s working because I feel so much better, so far my hormonal fluctuations have eased and four weeks on I am currently sleeping through the night resulting in me feeling ready to face a new day.  None of these changes have been difficult or expensive, I was just ready to embrace positive change in my life that I could understand and really get on board with. Flourish and Thrive for me was that change!”

— Tracy

“As I approached my fifties, I started to notice some changes to my physical and mental health, brain fog and tiredness to name a few. After discussing some of the symptoms with my doctor, I was advised that I was peri-menopausal, and was offered HRT.

I wasn’t keen on starting HRT, and an internet search led me to Pamela. I now have access to a library of modules discussing diet exercise, supplements and how peri-menopause changes what our bodies need to function effectively and efficiently. The best things about belonging to this community are having Pamela's support and the other ladies.

— Charlotte 

Weekly calls, to get your personal questions answered 

✔ Proven tools to improve your sleep, lift your mood and boost your confidence

Unique mindful techniques for weight loss that you won't learn anywhere else 

✔ You'll know longer feel confused when you take the eye-opening hormone quiz that will help you discover your unique hormonal challenges

You don't have to feel like you are going through this alone when you join our sisterhood with women who get it

✔ Delicious healthy recipes to soothe your hormones whether you are on a plant-based diet or not 

Reconnect to your health desires, feel inspired, empowered and calm in mind on our quarterly half-day retreats

✔On-demand evidenced-based tips for you to reset your hormones and finally feel like your old self


It's affordable 

*You can unsubscribe anytime with one month's notice in writing.

"I will be 51 in August and I am menopausal ….. honestly I never thought I would be able to say that comfortably a few months ago.

I found my age and in particular the fact I was menopausal, shameful and  embarrassing and I was getting into a real state about it.    I felt old and frumpy and really unattractive.    I was really sad I felt these feelings towards me ….I used to really like me!
Then, thankfully Pamela came along and changed things .  I took a chance and joined her Flourish and Thrive community and boy did I need this!!
Pamela is so knowledgable very patient and kind, I felt completely safe and relieved that I no longer had to struggle alone. 
The dietary information and help has been so life changing.
The coaching calls are wonderful it’s so lovely to meet new and interesting women who are all there supporting- I found it quite overwhelming and emotional, but it’s good to start feeling again!!
I’m still on the journey to self love but each day I’m getting closer and with the support and guidance I get from Pamela I know it’s not far away.
I am thoroughly enjoying my new lifestyle the benefits are showing in my weight loss in my outlook and in my confidence as a menopausal 50 year old woman."

— Rebecca  

"Prior to meeting Pamela, my life suddenly seemed to sink into a vacuum of confusion. I didn’t know what was going on with my body and worst still, I couldn’t join the dots to make sense of these changes. My moods were modulating in a range of despair to lacking natural lustre.  Through Pamela’s tutorage, I learnt about how the different stages affect my mental and emotional wellbeing. I started to see how they interlaced and how the third component the physical effects could be navigated to enable a better management system bespoke to me. The tears stopped along with the night sweats and hot flushes. Pamela has effected change for me as a Black woman, which is so important because there is not enough known in our current medical practices to treat according to our cultural and multi-heritage needs." 

— Cherish 

What others are saying

“I struggled with the menopause and the usual hot flashes, weight gain, tiredness, sleepless nights, failing sex drive, depression. She has given me my life back.. and I send her a massive hug from the bottom of my heart…”

— Julie

“I was sleeping badly, suffering with numerous menopausal symptoms, exhausted and generally in a bad place mentally and physically. I feel that I have been treated as an individual rather than a number (as in the NHS menopause clinic)” 

— Kate

"I had some of the classic 'peri-menopause symptoms' and I was generally a bit run down. That's why I joined the programme.  I think understanding the biology behind menopause has helped me to come to terms more and accept what was going on in my body. I'd recommend the programme.  It is affordable, informative and really comprehensive. It's much, much more than info you can pull from the internet. You can tell that Pamela knows her stuff and she covers all angles....thank you." 

— Vicky 


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