Hormones in Harmony Online Workshop 2: Beat those Hot Flushes

Beat Hot Flushes Without HRT

Sick of struggling with your hot flushes or night sweats? Want to learn how to fight back?

Learn how to beat your hot flushes natural way in this online workshop with leading women’s wellness expert, Pamela Windle.

Her appearances include BBC Notts, Henpicked and DiaryDoll, menopause trainer for Merseyside NHS trust and she’s worked with many well-known clients, including TV’s Carole Smilie.


Menopause answers. No embarrassment required. In the comfort of your own home.


You’ll learn exactly what you can do to overcome your hot flushes naturally, by exploring what is happening with your hormones, what could be triggering the hot flushes themselves and what else could be making matters worse, aside from your hormones.

You'll learn the easy, 100% natural steps that you can take to reduce your hot flushes now and start feeling human again! 

With the gorgeous summer weather we've been having in the UK, there's no time like the present. As you've probably noticed, when the temperature soars, your hot flushes get even more uncomfortable...

Sign up for this fabulous online workshop and you'll feel much better. 


Come along to the online workshop and you'll...


1) Discover exactly which hormone is out of whack (is it HIGH oestrogen, or LOW oestrogen?). This will help you identify the most effective natural treatment for you. I can help you identify which one. 

2) Learn WHY your liver and gut play such an instrumental role in your hormonal health and can make the difference between resetting your hormones, or not. (Suffering from hot flushes means they definitely need some TLC!)  I’ll tell you exactly what to do here. 

3) Find out how your hot flushes are starting in your brain and how you can control that temperature switch to help you manage your hot flushes naturally. I’ll show you simple tools that will make a huge difference. ⠀


There will also be plenty of time for Q&A where you can ask me questions and find out more about holistic wellness during the menopause.


Join me for this fabulous online workshop and you could ease or even eliminate your hot flushes.

Where: ONLINE (It will be recorded if you can't make it live)

When: Monday 16th July 2018 at 8pm (UK time)

Price: £19.99 


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