Feel Calm, Confident and in Control during Childbirth with Hypnobirthing

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Bringing your beautiful baby into the world doesn’t have to be a scary, overwhelming or overly medicalised experience.

You can feel calm and in control. You can feel confident enough to make the right choices for you and your family. You can bring your new baby into the world.

You can do it. Let me show you how.


Hi there! My name is Pamela, I’m an Easibirthing-trained hypnobirthing expert, a hypnotherapist and an integrated women’s health coach.

I can help you enjoy a calm, peaceful and natural childbirth experience, reduce your fears or apprehension and help reduce the risk of needing any medical interventions or drugs.

You’ll start your journey into parenthood feeling confident in yourself, you’re more likely to bounce back health wise and you’ll better cope with those sleepless nights and dirty nappies!

Yes, you can enjoy a calmer and more confident childbirth. Hypnobirthing is the answer.

Many people think they know what childbirth is all about.

They’ve seen it on the telly and in the movies. Perhaps they’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to hear their mothers, aunties, female relatives and friends discuss their childbirth experiences in graphic detail.

>It’s no wonder that many women feel apprehensive and fearful about the prospect of giving birth.  Getting a root canal done at the dentist can often feel more appealing than the idea of giving birth!

But we’ve got it all wrong.

That’s not what nature intended childbirth to be like.

Bringing a new baby into the world should be a time of gratitude, love and connection.

And that’s exactly how it can be for you.

Reconnect with your innate female power by learning hypnobirthing principles and you can use the power of your mind and body to achieve a calm and confident birth experience.

What is hypnobirthing?

Hypnobirthing is a natural childbirth technique which allows you to use the natural power of your female body to enjoy a calmer, more confident childbirth.

Using a combination of visualisation, relaxation and deep breathing techniques, you can overcome fear, reduce any discomfort experienced during childbirth, enjoy an easier, shorter and more natural childbirth and reduce the need for drugs or medical intervention.

Whether you’re a first-time parent, you have several children or you’ve suffered a traumatic birth experience, hypnobirthing can make a difference.

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Lauren's Story


Kaylie's Story

Hypnobirthing helped to prepare us for the birth of our daughter in so many different ways; it encouraged us to communicate effectively about the birth/arrival of our baby, it helped us to understand and respect each other’s wishes in relation to this, helped to allay any worries or fears we had and most importantly provided us with essential tools for the delivery of our baby.

Our daughter was born at 31 weeks via emergency C-section and had it not been for the sessions with Pamela, the way in which we coped with such a traumatic experience would have been very different.

The use of the 3C’s (Calm, Confident and in Control) along with the use of anchors and visualisation techniques most certainly had more of an impact during the birth of our daughter than we could ever have imagined.

The surgeons commented on how composed I was during the time I was being prepared for theatre and I can wholeheartedly say that this was due to the sessions we had had with Pamela and the strategies she had taught to us.

Hypnobirthing not only prepares you for the birth of your child but also gives you transferable strategies and tools that can be applied to all aspects of life.

Hypnobirthing was such a positive experience for us and is something we would highly recommend to those expecting.

Shereen's Story 

I practiced hypnobirthing with Pamela throughout both of my pregnancies and labour. 

I had never done anything like it before, but I'm naturally drawn to meditation and yoga so I though hypnobirthing was a good fit for me. 

During pregnancy the hypnosis tracks where wonderfully relaxing and most of the time I would end up fast asleep before the end! 

Pamela reassured me that my brain wold still absorb the positive affirmations and her words.  

This really helped me stay positive throughout my pregnancy. I never had any anxiety about the birthing process. 

I was looking forward to labour! 

I used Pamela's hypnobirthing tools when labour kicked in. 

The tracks helped me focus and stay grounded. The breathing techniques helped me tune into myself which kept me calm.  

And, if I didn't have the practice of breathing deeply and relaxing throughout  the contraction I never would have made it through my long labour. 

I had some gas and air with my first and no pain relief with my second. I did have a natural water birth. I reach down and caught my own babies. It was such an unbelievable, incredible experience.

Learning hypnobirthing was so worth it for me, even though my labor wasn't pain free, pain was drastically reduced and I felt in control the whole time. 

I would recommend Pamela's hypnobirthing course to any expectant mum who want to be in control of their birthing story, reduce pain, and banish any negative associations around birth that they might have perviously experienced.


We’ve already touched on some of the myths about childbirth, but I think it’s really important that I explain more about these incorrect ideas we have about giving birth and share the truth. Here goes:

  1. That childbirth is something to fear

Your body was built to bring a child into the world and it can do so naturally. So there’s no need to feel afraid- you can give birth calmly and confidently. Fear is an acronym for False Evidence A ppearing Real, so let’s not listen to those stories about what we think childbirth might be like, and understand how our female bodies work the magic to allow our babies to come into this world.

  1. That childbirth something that you can’t do without interventions

Fear automatically switches off your natural birthing hormones and will make your birth experience more difficult than it needs to be. Using the techniques I teach in the hypnobirthing course, you will remain calm, confident and in control and reduce the likelihood of needing interventions.

  1. That you need to be lying on your back to give birth

The idea that we need to lie on our backs to give birth only came about in the last few when according to some sources King Louis XIV of France decided he liked the idea of watching the mothers of his children give birth. There’s nothing natural about it at all.

In actual fact, having an active birth and moving around is exactly what nature intended and may shorten your birthing experience.

  1. Childbirth takes a long time

That's one of the beautiful things about hypnosis for childbirth. When you use the tools I share with you, time goes by so quickly. Before you realise it your baby will be with you.

  1. That what you eat or think during pregnancy doesn’t affect your baby

It's important to give your baby the best start in life. Indulging in nutritious whole foods will help you do just that and also help you to heal quickly after childbirth.

Hypnobirthing Package Options




(RRP £129)

What’s included

  • Full unlimited access to the library of hypnobirthing recordings
  • A large collection of healthy food ideas and recipes that will help boost your mood and promote healing post childbirth
  • Tips on how to heal faster after pregnancy and birth
  • Scripts of the hypnobirthing recordings so you and your birthing partner can recreate the relaxations during labour
  • A full toolbox of birthing affirmations that can help you stay calm, confident and in control during your labour
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What’s included:

  • 5 x 60-minute hypnobirthing coaching sessions
  • Full unlimited access to the library of hypnobirthing recordings
  • A large collection of healthy food ideas and recipes that will help boost your mood and promote healing post childbirth
  • Tips on how to heal faster after pregnancy and birth
  • Scripts of the hypnobirthing recordings so you and your birthing partner can recreate the relaxations during labour
  • A full toolbox of birthing affirmations that can help you stay calm, confident and in control during your labour
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  • Can I download and keep the recordings?

Yes, once you have access to the membership site you can download and keep the recordings for your personal use and for the next time you may need them.

  • Are there any tools to accompany the recordings?

Yes, I’ll be sharing numerous hints and tips in the programme that will help you build your internal belief system and enjoy a calmer, more confident childbirth.

  • What if it doesn’t work?

There are no guarantees that it will work. However, if you put the time in listening to the recordings and practice the tools that I share with you, you will have a positive birth experience. It will be a unique birthing experience for you and your birthing partner to share.

  • When is the best time to start?

The best time to start is around 19 weeks to give you plenty of time to practise without feeling rushed.

  • What if I’m 30 weeks? Will it still work?

Yes, it will. There are recordings that you can use even if you only start with them towards the end of your pregnancy.

  • How will this help me to recover quickly from the pregnancy and birth?

Building up your internal belief system will help you recover much more quickly. Also, I’ll be sharing which foods you should eat and which supplements you should use to kick-start the healing process and recover quickly.

  • How do I make sure I don’t get postnatal depression?

Postnatal depression happens for a variety of reasons which can severely affect the bonding experience with your new baby and the first few months or even years of their life. To help you avoid suffering from this debilitating illness, I’ll also be helping you understand when to seek support before things get out of control and sharing those foods which can help support your mood while you are pregnant and also after the birth.

  • What’s the difference between seeing me in person and using the online programme?

>When we meet in person, we meet for one-hour appointments over several weeks, usually around 8 weeks. If any particular worries or concerns arise, I can tailor our sessions to your needs. However, the online programme gives you access to the material straight away. As soon as you join the programme you can start using it- you don't need to wait.

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