Menopause in the Workplace

Develop the right practices and policies and boost workplace culture to support your employees throughout the menopausal years


Every single woman transitions through the menopause.


In the UK, the average age is 51, although it can be earlier or later than this naturally or due to surgery or illness. Many women struggle with physical and psychological perimenopause or menopause symptoms for up to a decade beforehand.

With around 78% of menopausal-aged women currently employed, menopausal women are now the fastest-growing workforce demographic.

Yet menopause is a topic that many employers and organisations fail to address.

  • They feel uncomfortable discussing the topic, they are unaware of the huge impact it can have on a woman or they simply lack the resources to support their female team members.

  • This can leave women feeling vulnerable, undervalued and lacking confidence or at worse, lead to disciplinary measures and job loss through no fault of their own, affecting both the community and close family members as a result.

  • Too often, organisations lose these talented female team members who stop their employment or go part-time because they feel they have no choice.


My life purpose is to change the landscape of women's health as we age and help provide the education, support and guidance these women deserve.


Become more menopause-friendly

With support, training, events and toolkits, you'll support a culture of inclusivity, diversity & equality

Keep your top talent

When everyone feels comfortable talking about menopause, your female team members will feel supported, understood & less likely to leave

Boost employee performance

Detailed wellness toolkits and support guides help improve productivity, increase creativity and lower absences

Transform company values

In-depth menopause policy guidance allows you to embed the changes within your organisation so they become part of your culture & company values

Why me?

With 20+ years of experience in the field of health and wellness as a women’s health coach, hypnotherapist, personal trainer and hypnobirthing practitioner, I understand the unique physical and psychological challenges that women face throughout their lives.

Because I’ve felt like that too. For five long years, I struggled with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), feeling unsupported, alone and unsure of whether I’d ever feel ‘normal’ again.

I was forced to quit work and sell my home. It felt like I was haemorrhaging money and losing hope. I remember so clearly being down to my last £10,000 and feeling petrified about what the future might hold.

Despite how hopeless the situation felt, I decided to take matters into my own hands and reclaim my health. By adopting a whole new approach to health and wellness, I was soon on the path to recovery.

So when the opportunity came up to qualify as a Women's Health Coach with one of the world's leading functional nutritionists, Dr Jessica Drummond from the Integrated Women's Health Institute, I knew it was a no brainer.

Getting that education saved my life.

Now I’m here to help employers and organisations support women as they transition through the menopause so they can continue to be creative, focused and productive, no matter what their age.

What I offer businesses

Option 1

Online inclusive workshop

Understanding the difference between perimenopause, menopause and postmenopause, what hormones are involved, and the physical and psychological effects of withdrawing hormones

Option 2

2 x half-day group workshops (plus 30 min debrief call)

These half-day sessions are designed for 6-8 female employees and cover topics including;

The role of hormones in our bodies

How to identify the physical and emotional changes as women move into perimenopause and menopause

How to use evidence-based nutrition and lifestyle tools to manage symptoms


Option 3

One-day senior managers workshop (spread over two half-day sessions)

In these sessions, we'll be focusing on the challenges faced by women during menopause and increasing our understanding. 

We will also discuss what practical support can be put in place such as changes to organisational culture and management processes.  

Option 4

Embedding Framework

This strand allows your organisation to embed the project via a holistic approach, focusing on four key areas.

These include: identifying values and behaviours, creating strategic policies, boosting awareness throughout the organisation and incorporating new strategies and policies.

Some of my current and previous clients include...

Benefits of the Menopause in the Workplace Programme

By working with me, you will;

✔ Foster an environment of openness and transparency. You and your employees will be able to talk about perimenopause and menopause without feeling embarrassed.

✔ Boost staff focus and productivity rates. Your female employees feel healthier and happier so they can continue to perform at their best.

✔ Build a more equal and inclusive modern workplace for all. Everyone matters, regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, nationality, religion, health status or sexual orientation.

✔ Retain key talent. By making appropriate and reasonable adjustments and providing support, you can keep those staff members that count and reduce turnover rate.

✔ Understand how best to support women in this phase of life. Senior leaders will be able to ensure that behaviours towards ageing women are fair, supportive, and mainstreamed.

✔ Gain access to a toolkit of best practice recommendations and resources. This includes well-publicised policy and guidance documents and information for colleagues, line managers and senior managers.

Keynote speaking

Some of my topics include:

  • Perimenopause and menopause in the workplace
  • Understanding perimenopause and menopause
  • Diversity in menopause/menopause as a Black woman
  • Women's health issues (such as cardiovascular health and diabetes)

Learn more

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