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Pamela Windle


Hello! My name is Pamela and I can help you realise your full potential and claim back your optimal health and happiness. Together, we can work to overcome your challenges and move forward to a brighter, happier and more fulfilling life.

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Live life to your full potential, before, during and after the menopause!




  • Eliminate or reduce your hot flushes and cold sweats
  • Enjoy a happy and empowered childbirth experience
  • Wave a magic wand over your stress and feel cool, calm and collected no matter what life throws your way
  • Overcome your fears or anxieties about childbirth and replace them with positivity
  • Shift those extra pounds (yes, that belly fat too!)
  • Reduce the likelihood of needing medications or birth interventions like episiotomy, forceps, a caesarean and so on.
  • Enjoy a highly satisfying sex life with your partner
  • Understand how to stay calm, relaxed and in control, no matter what happens
  • Sleep like a baby and wake feeling refreshed every single morning
  • Bond more effectively with your newborn child


What My Clients Say...

Julia Reid- Menopause

"I was at a very low place in my life before I started working with Pamela, but the minute I met her everything felt right...this beautiful lady actually listened, understood and cared about ME!  She knew how I was feeling.

"Working with her has been totally life changing...my food issues have all but resolved, I’ve learned techniques to use at the most challenging moments in life, I’ve tweaked my diet to avoid low blood sugar dips, my binge eating is much improved, my vitamin D is going steadily up, my thyroid levels are back up, my iron is heading the right way for the first time in over 10 years, and I haven't had any palpitations in ages...

"I can’t believe the difference in me. She has given me my life back…and I send her a massive hug from the bottom of my heart."


Carol Smillie- Menopause

"I was experiencing the start of peri-menopausal symptoms- flushes, weight gain, tiredness. None of it crippling, but a very definite, yet subtle change to anything I’d experienced before. If I’m honest, I was sceptical about using the holistic approach.

"However, we hit it off right away, and I felt as if she understood my awkwardness and prudishness to certain aspects, yet gently coerced me into having a go and getting the best out of me.

"The sweats stopped almost immediately due to the dietary changes, and I honestly felt less hungry at the dangerous times when I’d have snacked. I think I learned to love myself a bit more, and to stop being so hard on my physical ageing process.

Fazane Fox- Hypnosis for Childbirth

"I was really frightened of giving birth and the pain associated with it, but Pamela’s hypnobirthing sessions made a real difference to me and helped me overcome this fear and have a home birth with little pain relief. I was made to feel at ease and I really felt that she personally cared about my fears rather than caring because it was her job.

"Although the birth didn't work out exactly as I planned (and whose does??!), I was so calm and confident and had a very easy pregnancy in the end (I’m usually very sickly so was expecting a difficult one!) and managed to keep very calm for the most part during my actual labour.

"I look back at my labour now and am so impressed with how I handled it and how brave and strong I was in the end...something that I never thought possible had it not been for the hypnobirthing course I did with Pamela."

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