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Women Deserve to be Heard at the Menopause

Feb 15, 2019

A huge number of women have come to me over the years, saying that they feel their GP doesn’t take them seriously when they ask for help with their hormonal or menopause symptoms.

They feel like their GP just doesn’t have any answers beyond dosing them up with HRT or antidepressants and sending them on their way. Worst of all, they just aren’t being taken seriously.

Their debilitating and altogether horrible symptoms get dismissed as being ‘just part of getting older…’, and they’re often told that they just need to get a hobby, or worse still ‘get a grip and accept that you won’t be young forever’.

Understandably, these ladies feel completely let down by the medical profession, hopeless, alone and depressed.

When it comes to family and friends, it’s often not much better. They often stop listening too because they just don’t understand what you’re going through and don’t know how to help.

I think...

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#19: Understanding Gut Health, Autoimmunity and Gluten with Dr Tom O’Bryan [PODCAST]

Feb 01, 2019

I struggled for a long time to find the best way to introduce to you this week’s podcast guest Dr Tom O’Bryan as he’s simply a phenomenal figure in his field and someone who I respect very much.

So instead, I decided that this week I’ll go ahead and tell you exactly who he is before we jump right in.

Dr Tom O’Bryan is the author of the ground-breaking book “The Autoimmune Fix”, and an internationally recognised and sought-after speaker and workshop leader who specialises in wheat, its impact upon health and the development of autoimmune diseases.

He’s also a fascinating man who really knows his stuff about the human digestive system, autoimmune disease and how this relates to fertility and wellness.

If you’re struggling with food issues, thyroid problems, or hormonal problems, or you’re concerned about your exposure to environmental toxins, you’re going to love this podcast episode.

[He even threw in a freebie...

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Want To Know Why Your Joints Hurt So Much?

Jan 11, 2019

Getting older can be surprisingly hard.

Once you hit your mid-thirties, it’s as if someone has a flicked an invisible switch and you’re no longer the youthful and energetic person you used to be.

You start noticing aches and pains. Clicking joints. Even shooting pains that make you wonder what on earth is going on.

You can’t go dancing, can’t walk up the stairs and certainly can’t play with the kids or grandkids anymore. It’s as if you’ve aged twenty years in the last five and you’re starting to feel concerned.

Because it’s not like you’re actually old.

At your tender age, you should be living your life to the full, and planning your next adventure.

Not groaning when you stand up from your chair, or grimacing as your walk uphill, and more certainly feeling young and energetic, not old and frail.

So you visit your doctor and you’re told that it’s probably just signs of growing older. That you just need to get...

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#18: Hormonal Balance When You're Not Even 30 is Still Important [PODCAST]

Dec 08, 2018

As a women’s health coach who specialises in the menopause, I do spend a lot of my time sharing my knowledge and tips about this time of life, coaching one-on-one clients and organising all kind of events to help break the taboo of the menopause and change women’s lives.

But I don’t often mention just how important it is for you to take care of your hormones when you’re much younger, even before you’ve even hit the milestone of 30.

That’s why this week I decided to get together with my lovely daughter Nicole and one of her best friends Charlie Summers (both in their mid to late 20s) to find out more about their experiences with their hormones, their periods and family planning.

Then we discuss the menopause, what they think it’s all about, and I share some really helpful tips that could help Charlie’s mum transition through the menopause much more easily.

This podcast is very personal to me as Nicole and Charlie have known each other...

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What Really IS the Truth About The Menopause?

Dec 01, 2018

Did you manage to catch the BBC documentary that was shown earlier this week called The Truth About The Menopause”?

[It’s currently still available on BBC iPlayer if you want to watch]

This film featured broadcaster and journalist Mariella Frostrup and was billed as a candid and intimate film which aimed to break the huge taboo that surrounds the menopause.

So as you can imagine, as a women’s health expert who specialises in the peri-menopause and menopause, I was pretty excited to watch it.

Surely any opportunity to share more about what the menopause actually is and how we can help ease this time of transition would be a good one?

Actually, I was wrong. Very wrong.

Today I’d like to explain why I was so disappointed with its portrayal of the menopause and what the truth about the menopause actually is. (Clue= it’s not some fad treatment or trendy new drug!)

#1: It’s not just about oestrogen and progesterone

I get so sick and tired of...

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#17: How You Can Make Better Food and Lifestyle Choices to Get Healthy [PODCAST]

Nov 10, 2018

Many of us believe that our GPS know absolutely everything there is to know about our bodies and our overall health.

We trust them to know what is right for us.

So if he or she says that we should take a pill to feel better or claim that more holistic approaches to health don’t work, we tend to believe them.

However, as today's podcast guest, Dr Julie Coffey explains, there’s a huge gap between the what our GPs know (and suggest we do), and more recent research into achieving optimal health.

Today, she joins me to explain how she discovered the world of holistic medicine, what she wasn’t taught as a UK GP (general practitioner) and how making healthy diet and lifestyle changes helped her to heal her symptoms of early arthritis and minimise her symptoms of the peri-menopause.

Our conversation was really eye-opening (especially when she talked about pharmaceutical companies) and there’s a ton of really useful information in this episode which I know...

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#16: Why Men’s Health is Important Too [PODCAST]

Oct 19, 2018

Do you ever wish that your partner, brother, father or uncle would start taking better care of their health?

I think most of us do!

Despite all of our encouragement and nagging, that man in our life would often still prefer not to visit the doctor, even when we’re both worried that those recent symptoms or habit changes could point to something more serious.

So how do we get through to our partners or loved ones? How can we encourage them to take care of their health as we’d like them to? Help is at hand!

This week I’ve been lucky enough to sit down for a chat with Mark Sleight- a qualified personal trainer, nutritionist and lifestyle coach based in Milton Keynes, UK.

Mark is such a down-to-earth, friendly and encouraging coach who understands first-hand the shyness men feel when it comes to dealing with health problems. He’s passionate about discussing those difficult and embarrassing health issues (listen out for the mention of his popular YouTube video!)...

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10 Best Ways to Get Fit and Shift Weight During the Peri-Menopause

Oct 12, 2018

You might have noticed how it’s much more difficult to lose weight or stay in shape when you’re in your 40s and 50s.

Even though you could easily control your weight with an aerobics class and sensible eating in the past, those old weight loss tricks don’t seem to be working as well anymore. Sadly, you actually seem to be gaining weight, instead of losing it when you try your old tricks.

So what’s going on? How can you stay in shape and control your weight during the peri-menopause and beyond? What new approach do you need to take? Here are my top ten suggestions as to how you can stay in control during the peri-menopause and beyond.

1. Get Moving

If you want to lose weight, stay in shape and maintain your youth, you need to make exercise a part of your life.

Even if you’ve always hated exercise, now is the time to make the effort because it really does work magic. For starters, exercise helps to keep your skin looking youthful, boosts your circulation,...

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Why You’re Never Too Old to Dream

Sep 28, 2018

Is there something that you’ve always wanted to do but you’ve let that dream slip away because life took over?

Like me, you might have dreamed about travelling the world, enjoying a vibrant social life, finally getting fit or losing weight, learning another language or learning to scuba dive, or doing something else to give you that sense of pleasure and excitement and make you feel good on the inside.

But then you got married, or you had kids, or you became ill, or your career became demanding, or you had other commitments that forced you to put your own interests on the backburner.

You didn’t worry too much at the time. You just told yourself that you could do these things once the kids have flown the nest, once you have more time on your hands.

But that hasn’t happened because you don’t feel like your youthful self any more.

It’s been so long since you’ve claimed that ‘me’ time that you don’t entirely recognise the...

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Why You Should Take Daily Action to Prepare You for the Menopause

Sep 14, 2018

Do you ever feel like, the closer you get to the menopause, the worse your body seems to behave?

For example, you used to sleep eight hours per night without waking up to go to the bathroom and suddenly you can’t. Or you always had a great memory and clear head and now you're having to write things down. Perhaps you used to have beautiful clear skin and now you’re having breakouts.

So you say to yourself, “Aargh! I’ve had enough of this!! If I eat better and get more early nights, this will resolve itself,” or something to that effect.

You start really well and make plenty of improvements to your diet and lifestyle.

But after a week or two, you’ve stopped bothering because it didn’t seem to work. You’re still suffering from those annoying symptoms of the peri-menopause.

So what is happening here? Why don’t these changes seem to help your menopause symptoms? What are you doing wrong? And what can you do to fix it?

Why is it so...

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