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#17: How You Can Make Better Food and Lifestyle Choices to Get Healthy [PODCAST]

Nov 10, 2018

Many of us believe that our GPS know absolutely everything there is to know about our bodies and our overall health.

We trust them to know what is right for us.

So if he or she says that we should take a pill to feel better or claim that more holistic approaches to health don’t work, we tend to believe them.

However, as today's podcast guest, Dr Julie Coffey explains, there’s a huge gap between the what our GPs know (and suggest we do), and more recent research into achieving optimal health.

Today, she joins me to explain how she discovered the world of holistic medicine, what she wasn’t taught as a UK GP (general practitioner) and how making healthy diet and lifestyle changes helped her to heal her symptoms of early arthritis and minimise her symptoms of the peri-menopause.

Our conversation was really eye-opening (especially when she talked about pharmaceutical companies) and there’s a ton of really useful information in this episode which I know you’ll enjoy.

Listen to this podcast to find out…

  • Why your GP probably doesn’t know everything there is to know about health (especially the peri-menopause and menopause )
  • The shocking role that pharmaceutical companies play in healthcare in the UK
  • Why food really is medicine but isn’t always promoted in that way
  • Why many of us take too many pills when we’re sick and why there isn’t ‘a pill for all ill’
  • How you can reverse high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes by eating more nutritious food and making lifestyle changes
  • Why it’s so important to take full responsibility for your own health and wellness
  • Why taking care of yourself and protecting your health doesn’t need to take a lot of time and money
  • Why setting strong health foundations plays a powerful role in helping you stay healthy and enjoying an easier menopause transition
  • The risk factors to bear in mind before you consider taking HRT
  • How our attitudes towards the menopause make a huge difference to how we feel
  • Why taking the contraceptive pill long-term can impact drastically upon our experience of the menopause
  • Why simple lifestyle changes such as forest walks, meditation and healthy food choices can really boost your health
  • How your thoughts impact your stress levels and your overall health

And so many more gems of her knowledge that I can’t share it all here!

Make sure you listen to the podcast by clicking below.

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