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Podcast #9: How to Have Healthy Breasts (with Kerstine Herbert)

Feb 10, 2018

How to have Healthy Breasts (with Kerstine Herbert)


We’ve all got breasts.

But we often don’t give them the attention they deserve. Not because we don’t care, but just because we don’t know how.

Breasts have always been slightly taboo and a private matter not to be discussed in public. Once we’d been ushered out of the fitting room as teenagers, first bra in hand, we often don’t discuss them much more.

That’s why I know you’ll love this week’s podcast. Kathryn sits down with Kerstine Herbert from KH Physiotherapy to discuss all things boob-related, from how to find the right bra size, how we can all vary so much in shape and size and why it’s always worth spending more on a good bra than a good pair of shoes.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • Why wearing a bad bra can cause huge problems for the rest of your body
  • Five (or even more) interesting facts about our boobs
  • The reason why it’s not good enough to just buy any old sports bra
  • What damages your breast tissue and how to avoid it
  • Why wearing a bra isn’t a necessary part of having breasts (but it can help)
  • The surprising things you can do to promote healthy breasts
  • Why you’re almost certainly wearing the wrong size bra
  • Running, and the truth about what it does to your breasts
  • How to work out your correct bra size (with measurement tips)

And much more…

So grab yourself a cuppa and settle down for a listen. Your boobs will thank you!


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