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#19: Understanding Gut Health, Autoimmunity and Gluten with Dr Tom O’Bryan [PODCAST]

Feb 01, 2019

I struggled for a long time to find the best way to introduce to you this week’s podcast guest Dr Tom O’Bryan as he’s simply a phenomenal figure in his field and someone who I respect very much.

So instead, I decided that this week I’ll go ahead and tell you exactly who he is before we jump right in.

Dr Tom O’Bryan is the author of the ground-breaking book “The Autoimmune Fix”, and an internationally recognised and sought-after speaker and workshop leader who specialises in wheat, its impact upon health and the development of autoimmune diseases.

He’s also a fascinating man who really knows his stuff about the human digestive system, autoimmune disease and how this relates to fertility and wellness.

If you’re struggling with food issues, thyroid problems, or hormonal problems, or you’re concerned about your exposure to environmental toxins, you’re going to love this podcast episode.

[He even threw in a freebie for our listeners. Scroll to the bottom for more info!]

Listen to this podcast to find out…

  • Why the health statistics are even scarier than we ever realised
  • How nutrition, diet and even gluten consumption can affect our fertility status
  • Phthalates, plastic use and the effect it’s having on our hormone balance, our overall health and our kids’ health too
  • The shocking reason why autoimmune disease is much more common in women (and some very interesting info on how it all works)
  • Why becoming your own advocate is the secret to achieving better health
  • Toxic chemicals and how they affect our bodies (don’t miss this!)
  • The darker side of breastfeeding and his surprising advice
  • Why you owe it to yourself to learn more about toxins and health
  • What you need to know about eating wheat
  • The bad news about prebiotics, probiotics and the gluten-free diet
  • How you can easily up your intake of prebiotics by making clever shopping choices

Plus much more!

Click below to listen. :)

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