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Podcast #12: Why Your Financial Health Matters Too (with Tracy Lewis)

May 04, 2018

When you’re trying to heal your menopause symptoms and recapture your youthful, happy, and healthy self, you’ll think about making positive changes in several parts of your life.

Your hormone levels, your daily sleep habits, your food intake, your exercise habits and your stress levels all come under the microscope as you search for the right solution for you.

But there’s another part of our lives that we don’t often talk about when we think about the menopause, yet it affects every single one of our waking moments.

It’s money.

You see, your relationship with money,  your financial health, and how you control what you’re spending each month contributes enormously to your stress levels and therefore, how you feel during the menopause.

That’s why, this week we sit down for a chat with financial controller, Tracey Lewis to learn how you can plan and manage your finances so you’re the one in control, and not the other way around.

I think you’ll love the tips she shares, and find them really useful.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • How we can all find financial peace without becoming hermits, looking old and frumpy and losing our minds
  • The surprising connection between taking care of your finances and your experience of the menopause
  • Why depriving yourself might not be the best way to control your spending ( clue: it’s also about how you feel! )
  • How our emotions connect with our spending habits (and impact upon our hormones)
  • Why the menopause impacts upon how well you manage the stress in your life ( especially when it comes to finances )
  • The importance of being open, honest and talking about your experiences with money
  • Why women need to take control of their money and discover true financial independence
  • Where to get help if you’re in a bit of a financial mess (including free resources)
  • How tracking your spending can be really eye-opening!

And much more…

So sit down for a cuppa and find out how to take control of your finances and take back control!

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