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#28: Feel Better During Perimenopause and Beyond [GUEST POSTCAST APPEARANCE]

Jan 10, 2020

You might remember that a few weeks ago, we welcomed the lovely women’s health coach Lori Massicot to the podcast.

[If you missed it, listen here: #26: How Being Sober Can Enrich Your Life at Midlife]

In that episode, Lori shared her story of how she found alcoholism creeping up on her (even though she didn’t think she drank much at all!) and discussed the massive effect that alcohol had on her hormones, her happiness and her entire life.

Then it was my turn to appear as a guest on Lori’s podcast To 50 and Beyond.

We sat down together and talked about everything from hormonal health, why those blood tests you get from your GP aren’t always to be believed, why antidepressants aren’t always the answer and so much more besides.

I also share more details on my own struggles with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, how I was treated by the medical profession and how I finally reached full health again.

If you’re sick of feeling like you can never top up your energy levels, you’re determined to change your life in 2020 or you want to gain useful insight into hormonal health in your 40s and beyond, this is the perfect podcast episode for you.

Listen to this episode to find out…

  • How I spent years battling Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS)
  • The story behind why I was so fatigued that I couldn’t even walk for ten minutes
  • The shocking diagnosis that the doctors made when I fell sick (and why I refused to follow their recommendations)
  • What to look for when trying to understand what your hormones are doing
  • How I restored my health, regained the muscle I’d lost and started to feel like my old self again
  • What to look for when getting blood tests done for your hormones
  • How the DUTCH test can help you understand what’s really going on with your hormones, even when doctors say that nothing is wrong
  • Case studies: how I helped one client to boost her libido, sleep better and boost her energy naturally
  • The biggest struggles that women face at this time of life, and how I can help
  • How we investigate your hormonal blood test results to get to the root cause of your health problems and how we treat them
  • Tips that can help you heal yourself naturally at this time of life
  • The surprising ways in which alcohol can affect your gut health and your hormones
  • Why oestrogen detoxification matters
  • How broccoli, cauliflower, kale and other veggies can help you balance your hormones, depending on whether you’re peri or post menopause
  • Poop, and why it matters!

I’ll also be sharing plenty of tips that can help you heal your hormones. Find a comfy chair and settle in to listen.

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