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Podcast #13: How Bio-Identical Hormones Could Help Your Menopause Symptoms (with Dr. Anu Arasu)

May 25, 2018

Do you ever wish that you could take HRT without worrying about the potential side effects such as an increased risk of breast cancer? Want to stick to your natural healing principles but you’re finding that everything you’ve tried so far just isn’t working?

Then you’ll love this week’s podcast episode!

Earlier this week, I sat down with Dr. Anu Arasu, a London-based GP who specialises in bio-identical hormones to find out more about this natural alternative to HRT as well as learn more about her unique approach to the menopause.

We discuss everything from the impact lifestyle choices have on hormones (don’t miss what she says about meditation!), why you don’t ‘run out of hormones’ post-menopause, whether it’s ever OK to take the pill and much more besides.

I loved talking to her because she's a valuable link between the NHS and an approach known as Functional Medicine, and provides a women’s healthcare service which listens to the unique needs of each of her patients. Don’t miss it!

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • Why there’s no such thing as ‘normal’ when it comes to the menopause
  • How lifestyle factors can play a massive role in your experience of the menopause
  • The reason why it’s vital to find the right solution to your unique symptoms
  • What bioidentical hormones are and how they can help your menopause symptoms (clue: they’re nothing new or strange!)
  • How hormone tests like the DUTCH test can be a powerful way of identifying your hormonal imbalance
  • What is the most likely cause of an early peri-menopause, thyroid issues or losing your period unexpectedly
  • Why bioidentical hormones are unlikely to have the same risks as HRT 
  • The role that meditation and exercise can play in rebalancing your hormones and looking younger for longer
  • Which herbal medicines which could help your menopause symptoms
  • Why it’s OK if your treatment seems to be working but then stops being so effective and what to do about it
  • The health issues you’re more vulnerable to suffer from post-menopause 

And much more…

So find yourself somewhere comfy to sit and have a listen!


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