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Podcast Episode #1 (Interview): Understanding Your Hormones with Kathryn Peden

Jun 30, 2017

Have you ever wished you could understand what on earth is going on with your hormones?

Trying to work out why your sex drive is low, why you're lacking in energy and why you just don't feel like yourself? 

Then don't miss this wonderful podcast interview I recently did with my friend and co-author of the Menopause book, Kathryn Peden, women's health and musculoskeletal physiotherapist.

She invited me to be a guest on her podcast so she could pick my brain about all things menopause! This was the reverse of what we're used to- usually it's ME interviewing HER!

(Check out this great video on posture that we recently did together)

Listen to the podcast to learn: 

  • How your hormones flow throughout the month (and how this affects everything from your mood, your energy levels and even your sex drive!) 
  • Why progesterone could be key in helping you feel great!
  • What your shortened cycle could mean for your hormonal balance
  • The three types of stress and how they affect your body
  • Why stress isn’t just a minor annoyance (and how you can beat it)
  • The ONE hormone that you must never forget
  • How your hormones affect your physical activity levels
  • Why you shouldn’t ever sit back and be a victim to your menopausal symptoms

and much more...

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