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Podcast Episode #2: How to Overcome Menopause Brain Fog

Aug 25, 2017

How to Overcome Menopause Brain Fog

Do you feel like someone has just come and dropped a cloud of confusion into your brain?

Does it feel like your memory and thinking power has just upped and left you?

Worried that this might be the first signs of dementia?

Don’t panic!

Brain fog is one of the most common symptoms of the peri-menopause and menopause, and it doesn’t mean that you’re going to be a shadow of your former self forever.

In this week’s podcast episode, I’m going to take some time to address your biggest worries about brain fog as if we were sat face-to-face in a consultation.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • What brain fog really is (and why it’s not the same as Alzheimer’s disease)
  • The amazing connection between your gut and your brain power
  • Why boosting your stomach acid will help you think much more clearly
  • Exactly which foods you should be eating for better brain power
  • What you need to know about your blood sugar levels (and how to balance them)
  • How you can find out if you’re still ovulating

And much more…

Hope you enjoy the episode and don’t forget that you can get a FREE empowering guided meditation audio recording to beat stress and ease your menopausal journey. Get your own here.  

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