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Podcast Episode #4: Understanding the Benefits of Colonics

Oct 07, 2017

Understand the Benefits of Colonics 

Most of us don't feel so comfortable talking about our digestive health and bathroom habits. But did you know that the quality of your poo and the health of your digestive system affects every aspect of your health?

This includes the obvious things like how easily you can go to the bathroom and whether you suffer with gas, constipation, IBS or diarrhea, and also more surprising issues like skin problems, allergies, lack of energy, hormonal imbalances and many other health problems. 

Your overall health depends on the health of your digestive system. 

Because our digestive health is so very important, we've got together this week with registered naturopathic hydrotherapist, Jane Bush to discover why colonic irrigation can transform our health, and hear some of her inspiring success stories of people who have gone for treatment and finally healed stubborn health issues after many years of struggle. 

Listen to the podcast to learn: 

  • The surprising truth about colonics (they're not as young as you think!)
  • How our understanding of digestive health just keeps improving
  • What ancestral bacteria is and why it's so important for our health
  • How recent scientific research into digestive bacteria is yielding some surprising results
  • Why colonic hydrotherapy isn’t embarrassing nor uncomfortable (nor smelly!)
  • The underestimated psychological benefits of colonics and why you shouldn't be apprehensive about treatment
  • Why menopausal women should consider a colonic sooner rather than later

And much more...

Hope you enjoy the episode and don’t forget that you can get a FREE empowering guided meditation audio recording to beat stress and ease your menopausal journey. Get your own here.  

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