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Podcast #6: Should The Menopause Be Diagnosed?

Nov 28, 2017

Should Menopause be Diagnosed?

It always makes me feel very sad and frustrated to hear that GPs continue to ‘diagnose’ women with ‘the menopause’, as if the menopause is an illness, or a disease, or something unwanted and unnatural that needs immediate treatment.

The menopause is a natural part of the female life-cycle, just as much as puberty, pregnancy and childbirth and you’re most certainly not broken or ill when your turn comes.

I felt so strongly about this that I’ve dedicated this week’s 3D Women Podcast to this very topic. I’ll be discussing everything from hormones, to sleep, to hot sweats, to belly fat and much more, plus I’ll be sharing several helpful tips that will make a massive difference to how you are feeling.

Listen to the podcast to learn:

  • Why the menopause ISN’T something to be feared
  • The role that your environment plays in how you feel, including relationships, boundaries, lack of daylight and putting other needs first
  • How you can optimise your lifestyle to reduce or eliminate your menopausal symptoms
  • Why you need to take extra care if you’ve ever used the contraceptive pill (and what you can do to undo the damage)
  • Which changes you might notice in your body as you move towards the peri-menopause
  • How I switched my diet to shift my thickening waistline (and it worked!)
  • Why negative language is likely to lead to a negative menopause experience

And much more…

Hope you enjoy the episode and don’t forget that you can get a FREE eBook that will help you discover how  to beat stress and ease your menopausal journey the natural way. Get your own here.  

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