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#22: Understanding Your Hormones with Dr Carrie Jones [PODCAST]

May 24, 2019

Imagine if you could just walk into your doctor's surgery and know exactly what you need to say to get the help you need.

You’d understand what your hormones do, you’d understand how they work together and you’d feel empowered to stand up and make positive changes in your life to feel better.

That’s exactly what functional medicine women’s health and hormone doctor, Dr Carrie Jones sets out to do through her practice and her current position as Medical Director for Position Analytics- the makers of the trusted DUTCH test.

I’ve been ‘stalking’ her on Instagram for a while now, so I couldn’t wait to get talking with her about many areas of women’s hormonal health. It was an in-depth and highly informative conversation and I’m sure that you’ll feel much more enlightened about your hormones when you listen.

Listen to this podcast to find out…

  • Should you fast for hormonal health (and if so, when?)
  • Why morning fatigue can often be a sign of autoimmune problems
  • How an imbalance in your thyroid can contribute to heavy bleeding
  • Why those ‘full blood tests’ you often get from the GP doesn’t provide much insight into your hormonal health
  • The difference between cortisol and cortisone and how it influences your body
  • Melatonin and how it influences your sleep patterns
  • How you can improve your hormonal health with a change of lifestyle habits
  • HRT: Is synthetic or bioidentical best?
  • The factors to consider with hysterectomy
  • What role oestrogen plays in your body (clue: it’s not just about making babies)
  • The positive side of cortisol
  • What to do if you struggle to get up in the morning
  • The best ways to promote optimal brain health (prepare to be surprised)
  • Why perimenopause is a window of opportunity
  • Which supplements are the best to take for optimal hormone health and balance

Plus much more!

Sit back, relax and enjoy the show! :)

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