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#23: How to Say No [PODCAST]

Jun 14, 2019

Most of us find it very hard to say ‘No.’ It often doesn’t sit well with us. It can feel negative. It can feel aggressive.

And besides, as women we want to be providing the best support possible to those around us. This includes family, friends, loved ones and even strangers in need.

However, unless we can say this magic word, we can find ourselves exhausted and overwhelmed with the demands of others. We spend so much time running around after other people that we just don’t have time for ourselves.

Or we’re so ambitious and driven, that we find ourselves taking on far more than we can handle, just so we can achieve our goals.

So for the sake of our long-term health and happiness, it’s important that we learn to say no in a positive and loving way so we can take better care of ourselves.

In this week’s podcast, Kathryn shares more on how we can tweak our lives by making space for ourselves and learning how to say no.

Listen to this episode to find out…

  • How your emotional resilience affects your ability to heal
  • Feeling overwhelmed, and how to manage it all!
  • The real reasons why we find ourselves says ‘Yes’ all the time
  • Putting yourself first, and what that really means
  • Why saying ‘Yes’ to yourself should always be your priority
  • How to say ‘No’ and get a better reaction from others
  • How to choose your words to soften the impact of a ‘No’ (useful for cold callers!)
  • Saying ‘No’ to your own ‘bad behaviours’ and what doesn’t serve you anymore
  • What’s a ‘Reverse List Day’ and how you can use them to boost your self care habits
  • The inspiring side of ‘No’ and how

Plus much more!

So grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy!

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