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7 Super-Easy Tips That Will Help You Recover From Childbirth FAST!

Dec 31, 2016

Congratulations! You’ve just achieved something so incredibly astonishing and amazing! You’ve created a brand-new life and brought it into this world with love and care. Well done you!

And like any other new parent, you’re probably pouring your heart and soul into this brand-new being and not getting much time to rest at all. This is completely normal- I remember fondly exactly what it was like for me!

Your hormones are having a party and it seems like you’re not invited. You’re completely awestruck at this tiny new human and their little fingers, toes and just about everything else. And on top of all of that, you’re adjusting to the happy madness that is life with a new baby.

So naturally, taking care of yourself and supporting your own recovery from childbirth tends to take a backseat- all your attention goes on your child instead. And whilst you mean well, neglecting your own need for rest and recovery is actually harming both you and your...

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5 Fantastic Ways That Spending Time Outside Will Help You Survive the Menopause (AND feel great!)

Dec 09, 2016

It’s that time of the year again when we spend the most our time inside trying to stay warm. Or we’re dashing between our homes, the car, work and the supermarket, trying not to get soaked to the bone or shiver to death! Winter in Britain can be grim.

But this horrible weather doesn’t just ruin our moods (and our hairstyles!), it can also have a devastating effect on our hormonal balance, our mood, our bone health, the quality of our sleep and even our experience of the peri-menopause or menopause.

The truth is, none of us are getting the levels of natural light that our body needs, and it’s playing havoc with our hormones and our happiness. We should all make it a priority to get outside, enjoy the fresh air and feel great.

To help persuade you to throw on that coat and get outside, here are the five fantastic ways that spending time outside will help you survive the menopause.

#1: You’ll help rebalance your hormones

Did you know that daylight...

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HELP! How Do I Avoid Piling on the Pounds This Christmas?

Nov 25, 2016

Christmas can be a difficult time when you’re battling to lose weight, working hard to manage your symptoms of the peri-menopause or menopause, or even just hoping to stick to your healthy lifestyle and eating habits.

Because this time of the year is like no other. We do the best we can to stick to feed our bodies with what they need and stick to a healthy lifestyle throughout the year. And suddenly, we’re faced with all manner of rich deserts, snacks, chocolates and sweet, seasonal specialities, mulled wine, mince pies, Christmas cake and opulent Christmas dinner with all the trimmings that everyone wants to persuade us to eat.

And the thing is, we want to be joining in with the festivities. We want to be eating and drinking with our friends and families. We want to relax, let our hair down and have some fun. And we definitely don’t want to be the ‘kill-joy’ or the ‘boring one’ or be the person obsessively counting calories whilst everyone...

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#DEARPAMELA: How Can I Stop My Peri-Menopausal Rage??

Nov 11, 2016

Every single week, I receive so many cries for help from women of all ages. Some are struggling with their symptoms of the peri-menopause or menopause. Some are doing battle with crazy PMT. Some are pregnant and feeling petrified about giving birth. And some are battling excess weight that just won’t go, toxic relationships they just can’t shake off, and challenges in their lives they need a helping hand with.

That’s why I’ve started a #DEARPAMELA feature which will help you tackle any problems you might be facing in a holistic, natural, and most of all friendly way. It doesn’t matter whether you are pregnant, menopausal or nowhere near either. I aim to give you the answers you need.

This week we’ll be talking to Clare* who is really struggling with the rage she’s feeling towards her loved ones, and desperately wants help before it’s too late. Let’s see what she has to say:

“Hi Pamela, I’m a mother to a wonderful...

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The 8 Simple Solutions for Menopausal Fatigue

Oct 28, 2016

Are you feeling rested and full of energy? Or do you find yourself struggling to make it through the day at all? Do you need a bucket of coffee and a large slab of chocolate to make it through the afternoon?

If this sounds familiar, you’re most certainly not alone. Fatigue is one of the most common symptoms of the peri-menopause and menopause, and affects the vast majority of my clients.

It leaves you feeling absolutely drained, completely exhausted and both mentally and physically weak. And as a long-term sufferer of chronic fatigue syndrome, I know first-hand how debilitating this can be.

So today I’d like to explain why we experience fatigue during the menopausal years, explain a little about the hormones involved, and then give you eight powerful steps you can take to overcome that menopausal fatigue.

What causes menopausal fatigue?

Fatigue can be caused by all kind of things, including too many late nights, too much stress, and having a busy life. But during the...

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Taking Control of the Menopause and Overcoming an Autoimmune Disease… with Julia Reid

Oct 11, 2016

This is the first of a series of interviews where we sit down for a chat with our some of our lovely clients and allow them to share their stories with you.

This week we’re starting with the gorgeous Julia Reid who took control and fought back against her difficult symptoms of the menopause, as well as coeliac disease, lactose intolerance, heart palpitations, thyroid disease and even binge eating. As you’re about to discover, she’s now full of energy, glowing with health, and feels like a new woman. Read on to learn more about her story.

Hi Julia! Can you start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

Hi, my name is Julia, and I’m coeliac, vegetarian, lactose intolerant and used to struggle with all the usual symptoms of the menopause like hot flushes, weight gain, tiredness, sleepless nights, failing sex drive and depression.

When I was diagnosed as a coeliac 20 years ago (after 20 years of being very ill all the time), there was very little available in...

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What Causes Unwanted Facial Hair in Women?

Sep 29, 2016

Most of us have absent-mindedly run our hands over our chins (usually whilst thinking about something) and encountered something shocking- a dark coarse hair. Or maybe we’re stood in front of the mirror brushing our teeth when, the light catches our faces and we notice a straggly coarse hair that we can’t believe we didn’t notice before. We dispose of the offending hair as best we can, but keep our lips sealed, worried at what we have just found and what it might mean.

Because whilst we just about manage to discuss other ‘female’ problems like hot flushes, PMT, insomnia or even painful sex, unwanted facial hair is one of the last remaining female taboos and most of us don’t even mention it to our best friends.

Today, I’d like to break the taboo by starting a dialogue on unwanted facial hair, and helping to accept ourselves exactly as we are. We’ll be taking a look at our hair-free culture, investigating the causes and I’ll even...

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Hypnotherapy for the Menopause: How Your Mind Can Help Heal Your Body

Sep 24, 2016

Since you first noticed those changes happening within your body, and suspected that the menopause could be a likely culprit, you’ve probably dedicated a lot of time and effort into finding something to help you beat your symptoms. And in the process, you might have done your best to improve your diet, get more exercise and might even have ventured into the world of herbal medicine.

But have you ever taken a moment to consider healing your mind too?

Because as we all know, these menopausal years aren’t exactly a walk in the park. There’s something about fluctuating hormones that awakens our deepest insecurities and unlocks negative emotions. And so, not only do we find ourselves battling mood swings, heavy bleeding, hot flushes, insomnia and vaginal dryness, we often become emotionally fragile too. We question our self-identity and our place in the world, we start wondering if we really are growing old, and often struggle to remember that sexy, powerful and...

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Alternatives to HRT- Protecting Your Bones the Natural Way

Sep 24, 2016

Osteoporosis and bone thinning becomes a massive concern as we approach the menopause. Our oestrogen levels decline and can no longer protect our bones as before. This means that it’s vital we take steps to protect the health of our bones before it’s too late.

Visit your doctor or speak with well-meaning (and uninformed individuals) and you could be lead to believe that HRT is the only option.

However, this is most certainly NOT the case.

There are many natural and gentle alternatives to HRT that will help you keep your bones healthy at any age, including eating well, getting the right kind of exercise and making healthy lifestyle choices. So if you are peri-menopausal, now is the time to build up your bone density reserves before you hit the menopause. However, it’s never too late to strengthen what you already have.

Let’s find out how to protect your bones the natural way.

Eat well for healthy bones

Eating an unprocessed, healthy and highly nutritious diet...

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Feeling Afraid of the Menopause? Then Read This…

Sep 24, 2016

How are you feeling about the menopausal journey that lies ahead of you? Are you feeling afraid? Do you watch those changes happening in your body and panic, thinking that life and age has finally caught up with you, and worst of all, that this is the beginning of the end?

If so, be assured that you are most certainly not alone. It’s completely normal and almost expected to feel apprehensive or even plain scared when faced with a life transition like this. I’ve lost count of the number of women I work with who feel exactly the same as you are right now.

However, it’s vital that you work towards overcoming this fear and instead embrace this brand new era of your life, for the sake of your health and also your happiness.

Because not only does fear affect the way to feel on a day-to-day level, it will also create exactly the thing you fear- a difficult menopause.

Today I’d like to show you this fear can actually create the exact thing you are fearing the most- a...

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