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Think Your Menopause Is Just About Your Hormones? Think Again!

Sep 24, 2016

Do you ever get absolutely sick to the back teeth of your menopausal symptoms? I don’t just mean slightly annoyed or fed up, but desperate just to step off the rollercoaster and make it all stop somehow?

These merciless symptoms are intent on wreaking havoc on your life in whatever way they can, and it’s getting all too much.

You’ve tried your best to hide those unsightly hot flushes whenever they erupt, pushed yourself to perform when you brain was full of cotton wool, bought slimming underwear to conceal that muffin top, pushed yourself to be intimate in the bedroom even when sex was the last thing on your mind, and tried your very hardest not to cry or scream in public.

It’s a lot of hard work just trying to look normal when there’s a hormonal storm raging inside.

And so you probably vowed to get a grip on it somehow or another.

You invested your precious time and hard-earned money into solutions that simply didn’t work. Like that homeopathic...

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Counting Calories Will Never Ever Help You Lose Weight- Target Those Toxins Instead

Sep 24, 2016

If you’re anything like me, you were brought up with the idea that eating low cal and exercising ‘til you drop is the only way to get rid of your wobbly bits and losing weight. The formula is simple- just keep your calories in lower than your calories out, and bob’s your uncle-the weight will just fall off you. And if you’re still a little on the chubby side, then you only have yourself to blame. Apparently.

But you and I both know that isn’t quite that simple.

Because how many women pour their hearts and souls into shifting that belly fat, only to find that when they climb back on the scales, they haven’t dropped a single pound?

They sweat it out at the gym, deprive themselves of everything they love and still don’t fit into that gorgeous little black dress. So they conclude that they’re just a fat and lazy failure and think that it’s simply hopeless.

But the truth is, simply counting calories will never help you permanently...

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7 Uplifting Ways To Avoid An Early Menopause

Sep 24, 2016

Have you recently noticed more of those unsightly black hairs sprouting from your chin and upper lip? Do your moods fluctuate wildly whatever the ‘time of the month’? Are you having trouble sleeping? Are your periods more irregular than they used to be? Or perhaps they’re lighter or heavier than before and you’re not sure what to expect from one month to the next? Have you started missing periods lately but the pregnancy test was negative?

And worst of all, are you in your mid-thirties and panicking about what is going on in your body, fearing that it could be the menopause?

Whilst these physical and emotional changes you’re noticing are almost certainly unwanted, they aren’t always a sentence of early infertility and menopause. Instead they might point to a hormonal imbalance which you can easily remedy to slow down or even stop your hormonal decline in its tracks, and ease all of your irritating symptoms too.

Here are seven brilliant tips to...

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Making Friends With Your Vagina

Sep 24, 2016

We have a strange relationship with that supremely beautiful and vital part of our anatomy- our vaginas.

It’s one of several incredible pleasure zones in your body, it plays an important role in the conception of a child, and its strength and flexibility can help you to actually bring your baby into the world. What’s not to like about it?

Yet we somehow think it’s disgusting, ugly and dirty. We believe there’s something wrong with the way we look ‘down there’. We’ve innocently listen to our parents, the media and social influence when they told us that we shouldn’t touch ‘down there’, that it’s unclean or that ‘good girls don’t do that’.

And so we absorb all of the rubbish we’ve been told over the years, and we end up feeling uncomfortable about our genitals. We neglect our own needs, feel too afraid to share our concerns when something isn’t quite right, and feel less empowered as human...

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What The Doctors Forgot To Tell You About Your Pelvic Floor...

Sep 24, 2016

When I had my daughter, Nicole, pelvic floor health was a hot topic.

At each and every one of my antenatal classes, midwife appointments and even when the health visitor was doing her rounds, I was reminded again and again of the importance of those funny tightening exercises.

They told me that if I didn’t make the effort, the muscles would weaken and no longer effectively do their important job of supporting my internal organs, keeping me continent and providing sensation to that area. They warned that the results could be incontinence, pelvic pain, sexual dysfunction, infertility and even that dreaded constipation.

So did as I was told. I heeded their warnings, I did my Kegel exercises and my pelvic floor has so far stayed functioning as it should.

For many of us, this is about the limit of our knowledge about the pelvic floor. We know it’s important and we have a rough idea of why, but once our little ones have grown up, we tend to forget.

But then, months or years...

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Social Support Will Help Heal Your Hormones

Sep 24, 2016

Who do you usually turn to when you need a shoulder to cry on?

Perhaps it’s your best mate in the world who has stuck with you through thick and thin, and alwayspicked up the phone, even if it’s 3 o’clock in the morning. Or maybe you prefer to lean on that family member who you really feel that you can trust? Or perhaps you prefer to stick your partner, a work colleague or even an acquaintance who you’ve only known for a couple of weeks.

It really doesn’t matter exactly who plays a supportive for you.

But it most certainly does matter that you have someone who can provide the social support and love you need when the chips are down, and help guide you through to the other side.

Why social relationships matter

Us humans are social creatures.

Relationships are an essential part of the human experience, and without them we literally wither and die. Healthy relationships help boost our self-esteem, allow us to feel stronger and more connected with the...

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Peri-Menopause: I'm Not Quite Menopausal Yet But...

Sep 24, 2016

At the end of my newsletters I’ve been asking you to get in touch and let me know you most challenging problems, your questions and anything else that you might want to know. Thank you all so much for hitting that reply button and getting back in touch with me- I really value learning more about your lives and having the opportunity to make a difference.

Out of all the questions I received this week, the one that really stuck out for me was one I received from Claire* (not her real name) who asked:

“I’m not quite in your menopausal bracket yet at the tender age of 35, but I’d like to know what I can start doing right now before I hit the menopause? What can I do to prevent the worst of those symptoms from popping up and trying to ruin my life? Thanks.”

Great question Claire. It turns out that there’s a lot you can start doing to take great care of your hormones and keep yourself happy and healthy throughout the peri-menopause and menopause. It...

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Appearance on BBC Radio Notts- How to Survive the Menopause

Sep 24, 2016

Back on 5th February 2016, I appeared with the lovely Mark Denison on his BBC Radio Nottingham show.

If you weren't able to tune in LIVE, then you can hear the show by clicking here. Scroll down for a transcription if you'd prefer. 



Mark: Hot flushes? Feeling low? Night sweats? Some of the symptoms that will sound familiar to you if you’re going through the menopause. Now, luckily, being a bloke, I’m sitting here thinking, well I’m feeling lucky that I don’t really need to go through any of that.

There is one Nottinghamshire woman who thinks she has the answers to reducing the effects of the menopause. She is Pamela Windle. Good morning!

Pamela: Good morning

Mark: (And we’ll come back to your favourite decade in just a minute. It’s a little bit controversial. (Pamela laughs happily))

Tell me about…we’ve had you on the show talking before about helping women give birth with no pain relief. What is it that...

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What You Need to Know About Plastic Bottles (and Xenoestrogens)

Sep 24, 2016

Imagine this scenario for a moment.

You’ve been out shopping for the day and have noticed how thirsty you’re starting to feel, so you head to the nearest shop to buy yourself a drink. And when you arrive, endless rows of sugar-packed, chemical containing drinks like fizzy drinks and colas, fruit juices and energy drinks assault your senses and almost line every wall.

But they’re no problem for you because you care about your health. You consider yourself to be pretty clued up when it comes to the hidden dangers of these artificial drinks, and you try to stay informed about the latest health matters. So you opt for the healthiest option of them all: pure natural H20.

However, this ‘healthy’ choice might not be quite as virtuous as you think.

You see, whilst drinking good old water is indeed healthier than downing cans of diet fizzy drink or sugar-packed fruit juices, there’s actually something rather sinister hidden inside those innocent plastic...

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5 Gentle Ways to Beat The Baby Blues

Sep 23, 2016

Even though you probably feel somewhat like an exhausted beached-whale towards the end of your pregnancy- you can deal with it. Because you know that waiting for you just at the end will be your precious newborn baby. And because you’ve attended my Easibirthing sessions and practiced at home, you feel calm, confident and empowered about the birth itself and you just can’t wait.

It’s like waiting for Christmas! You can’t wait to be the one experiencing that surge of happiness and love, instead of just hearing about it. You can’t wait to feel that bond, and fall head over heels in love with this brand-new part of your family.

But what happens if, when it happens, instead of getting that warm fuzzy feeling, you feel…well…kind of empty inside?

Flat. Numb. Like some has flicked your emotional ‘off’ switch and has left you on autopilot. Or alternatively, completely overwhelmed by sadness?

If this is you, you probably feel as if you...

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